martes, 11 de octubre de 2016


Now it’s your turn. Let’s be teachers for a day.
In groups of 4 or 5 you are going to prepare an oral explanation of one of these systems:
-          Circulatory.
-          Excretory.
-          Respiratory
-          Digestive.
Each group has a maximum time of ten minutes to explain it  and each member MUST participate.
Remember to cover everything that you have learnt.
We hope that you  have  a great time while you learn!

                                                                                                               Your English teachers.

How can I look for information?
Use your text book and the school blog.
How can I look for original ideas?
Use Google  ( adults presence must be required) and type.
E.g “ circulatory system crafts” “ digestive system projects”-
You will find lots of original ways to explain your topic.
A pretty interesting website is “Pinterest”. You will find lots of amazing ideas.

What can I use?
Whatever you want! You could do a power point, some crafts, you could explain it doing a role play. Everything is possible! Nevertheless, remember  NOT to do a video. The explanation should be orally and in the classroom.
How is it going to be assessed?
First of all, we will take into account that the presentation is clear and that you have covered everything related with it.
Secondly, innovation. We would like to bring to light that you are good at creating.
Finally, each member MUST speak during the oral presentation.